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First Aid Kit for Feelings Course

At the close of 2016 and beginning of 2017 I was involved in a beta course, which is the title you can see.

The video course was by The Helpful Clinic and Thora Rain who is the founder of the clinic was the instructor. Thora has years of experience as a practitioner of health.
She has had experience with illness herself and has had ME/CFS and Fibroymyaligia, so she knows of the daily struggles we all face from her own experiences.

The course is on Udemy Click Here and as I use Udemy a lot for courses found this a very professional set up as well as the courses are there for life. . From a purely photographic view, it was excellent camera work and used different angles which I found really good.

To the course itself, I do have experience of some of Thora’s methods as Miranda is a patient with her and also I have been with a colleague of her’s as well.

I have so many notes that I wrote down in a pad, that it would take ages to put them up on here, but if anyone is interested in this peice I will put more up and go into more de-tails. The course is over 4 hrs long and I would suggest as I do if anyone wanted to do it, that they write it down in a pad, or take notes a computer, because there’s so much you can forget.

Going into it a very brief overview, are things like “is it helpful” and “what is a first aid kit” Thora asks us to observe how we feel about what we doing. This was really interest-ing, I always think of myself is quite laid back, but I found I was really angry about things, very good reason at the time, but still it brought it to the fore.

Thora asks what do we do when we are stressed and what do we reach for, this could be our first aid kit, if it’s positive.

A really good hint as well in the course is that Thora gives an eg of a chap (off memory) who spills something and the natural thing would be to lose it, but if you sing something slow, like you have all the time in the world, it really works.

Miranda has found me more calm since starting the course, which can be only a good thing in our situation.

As I said if anyone wants more info, just ask.

Welcome to my Nightmare of 23yrs

Sept 11th 1992 is etched in the memory, of what long term memory I've got.

From being fit and having a job and sometimes two jobs at a time, to playing football, swimming and any other sport to become a total disabled wreck took some getting used to.

I was fortunate that my Dr suspected right from the start what was wrong, many back in 92 and even now, didn't even know about this illness ME. However abnormal liver function tests put a different slant on things so the Dr/Dr's were worried about Hepatitis, so was diagnosed after about a year with Post Viral Syndrome/ME and Gilbert's Syndrome.

For 3-4 yrs I was a total mess unable to do anything and oversensory overload was terrible, couldn't stand perfumes/aftershave or paint. At the time I had to live with my parents and they were great.

Steadily after 4 yrs I made improvements, still not well but a lot better than I had been, although infections, like colds would knock me sideways and they still do. After about 8 yrs I peaked at about 65% but this allowed me to draw and paint my great loves in life. I then started to think about jobs, what could I do from home. The net was really taking off, so I did a college course on Web Design/Development with the though of being able to make a few quid, a few quid is what I've made at it, quite literally ;-)

For people who have come to this website the first time, I then me Miranda who was also an ME victim and the rest is history. We got married, which will be 10 yrs this month, but unfortunately she has been severly ill for 5 yrs, which in turn has had an impact on my health.

The good things I've learned through the illness and experience is that I have Dr's who believe and I've been very very fortunate that way, I've also had friends who ran away, but the one's that have stayed are worth their money in gold and family who will do anything for me and Miranda and a great landlady. I've also achieved and learned skills I never thought I had, the most terrible and devastating thing is Miranda's health, an ongoing problem that we always hope she will turn the corner soon.

8th of August Severe M.E Awareness day

Today is a very special day in the ME calendar . It is raising Awareness for the most severly affected by this disease.

At this level it is a very hard life to lead, with being in bed all or much of the time, not being able to stand noise, talk very much, light sensitive and of course the severest form of fatigue and other main symptoms associated with this illness.

Miranda has done another video to raise awareness of what it;s like in this hell like state of affairs and can be seen here Severe ME Awareness Day

May12th ME Awareness day

Miranda has made a video to raise some more awareness for ME day

It's May12th 2015 and a special day for ME people and their supporters, to raise awareness.

My good friend Bev Bev's pics again has come up with the goods and what ME means. It destroys lives and dreams. The image is typical of what ME people would like in their life.

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