Recommended ME books

From ME to you with love

From ME to you with love - Louise Harding:

This is an insightful book, voicing the experiences of ME sufferers regarding the attitudes they have had to face from non sufferers.

The book is on Amazon and can be bought here: Miranda has done a video review of the book, which can be found here

Severe ME/CFS by Emily Collingridge

Severe ME/CFS A guide to living Emily Collingridge:

This book is a personal experience of ME particularly those in the severe and bed ridden group. It's full of great advice and shows where you can get help. Emily has done a great job on this.

There is a video review here and you can Emily's book can be bought here: Miranda has did a video review of the book, which can be found here:

Dr Anne Macintyre's book

ME. Chronic fatigue syndrome a practical guide:

This is a great book by Dr Anne Macintyre. Dr Macintyre has suffered with ME so knows how the illness can affect lifestyles and how debilitating it can be. The book gives much information on symptoms, nutrition, management and much much more. It is a must have for ME sufferers. Ann Macintyre's book can be purchased here:

Charles Shepherd

Living with ME by Dr Charles Shepherd:

Possibly the most popular ME book on the market. It's not speculative but it is written with experience as Dr Shepherd suffers from ME himself. A practical and very useful guide.Dr Shepherd's book can be bought at Amazon:


Fighting Fatigue:

Fighting Fatigue book review - Useful advice on pacing and management of the illness, written by Sue Pemberton, a leading OT from the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic. The book can be purchased at Amazon here:Miranda has put a video review of this book here: