ME/CFS Surveys

ImageBoth me and Miranda have always said this site is all about what people want and need.

When we've put these surveys together it's always done with a decent number of people involved to ascertain a fair outcome. It's not much good 10 people, but we've tried to always reach a 50 persons mark, so gives a good guide.

This carer survey was no surprise even though people feel that they need a one in many cases. Only 26% actually have one.


Getting care from social services poll and only 8% receiving it, is indicative of what you would see across the board.

It would be good if social serives were more in tune with people with ME/CFS needs. Some from the social do try to increase their knowledge on this illness, but it's still lacking in many areas.

About the Poll and Surveys

In our poll of over a 130 people, we found an amazing response, even years later we still get people asking for an update poll or other polls that they would find interesting like, what should ME be really called.

There are a few more survey's and polls that could come up on the website in due time.