Useful links

    LDIFME Let's do it for ME is a great website
    with lots of helpful information about ME/FMS and drug trial funding. Take a look to shop and fundraise.

    Amberflame Amberflame is another one of our sites.
    It has many photographs and artistic background to jazz up your devices. In return there is a donation button, if you so wish to put in as little as 50p, this would go to MIranda's care needs. Hope you enjoy the site.

    Sleepydust Sleepydust is a great website
    with lots of helpful information about ME/FMS

    Stonebird Stonebird by Linda and Gregson Crowhurst, an ME sufferer and carer

    25% Group The 25% group for those severely affected by ME

    The Helpful Clinic Thora Rain at the Helpful Clinic for practical advice and insight into how our bodies and brains work

    The OHC The Optimum Health Clinic for useful and practical information

    Gorilla in your house This is a fantastic way to describe living with ME/CFS/FMS

    Free mindfulness downloads This is good tool for stress relief.

    ME Association One of the biggest and best in the UK.

    The Counselling DirectoryThe counselling directory are a professional body that have an interest in ME/CFS, you can find them with the link.

    Tips for ME Tips for ME is what it's called and there's some great info on there and is always active with more content..

    Proventus - Some good ME info can be found here.

    Dr Myhill - Dr Sarah Myhill videos.

    Dr Myhill Youtube channel Dr Sarah Myhill for excellent dietary advice.

    Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic Dr Sue Pemberton at the The Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic is an Occupational Therapist who has worked with ME for over 25 years.

    Mindfulness Free mindfulness podcasts from the Mindful Awareness Research Centre at the UCLA medical school.

    Good ME/CFS blogs

    Get well from ME This is a really encouraging website from a sufferer who explains what the illness entails on a daily basis.

    Barry John Evans blog This is a good blog by a young man fighting ME.

    An insight of a sufferer called Anna.M.E myself and I

    Ros's blog A blog by an ME sufferer

    Sally's blog Just ME.