ME Myths and Assumptions!

Unfortunately sufferers of ME have to put up with some comments from well intentioned people who don't have a clue. It can be hard not to lose patience with such ones.

Myth: You look well.
Fact: Many people with ME do look well but it doesn't mean that they are.

Myth: I've heard that ME only lasts "2yrs", "5yrs", "7yrs"!
Fact: Er...What??? This has to be one of the most stupid myths. So you have an illness for 6yrs 364 days and then suddenly better. Of course not, ME lasts many many years in most cases and usually a sufferer will never return to full health. There are some people who do go into remission and return to work etc but there is no time limit.

Myth: "I'm tired too, I must have ME"
Fact: This would be very unlikely, ME tiredness is so extreme you can't ignore it. It can be paralyzing.

Myth: "ME is caused by burning the candle at both ends"
Fact: Although we've never come across a lazy person with ME there's no reason to think that business can cause such a debilitating illness in itself, although rest is good for everyone.

Myth: ME can be cured by diet alone
Fact: There is no doubt that a good diet is very important in ME but there is no evidence that you can cure yourself by different diets. Don't make life any more difficult than it already is. Just eat as best as you are able and enjoy your food.

Myth: ME is a pyschological illness
Fact: There is strong evidence showing physical abnormalities in ME patients, in their brains, muscles and spinal cord. People have died as a result of this illness and it should never be taken lightly.

Myth: Graded Exercise Therapy is a cure for ME:
Fact: Although gradual increase in activity can occasionally be helpful, pushing ourselves beyond what we can do is very harmful in ME. Although GET is recommended by many Dr's and ME clinics, research into this is sketchy at best and many have been made severe.

Myth: Where there's a will there's a way:
Fact: In our experience people with ME are the most driven and motivated people in society, the will is definitely there, but sickness prevents them achieving their goals.