ME/CFS Surveys

ImageThe polls used in this page are very intersting. We had nothing to do with getting these results, it was an ME group in the South of England on how they rated their ME. 50 people again, as the marker.

Only 10% approx thought that they improved, 5 people in essence.

ImageAnother alarming statistic with this particular poll out of 50 people.

38% see themselves as severe to very severe.

In my own experience with the ME groups etc that would be what I would expect to find.

About the Poll and Surveys

In our poll of over a 130 people, we found an amazing response, even years later we still get people asking for an update poll or other polls that they would find interesting like, what should ME be really called.

There are a few more survey's and polls that could come up on the website in due time.